Seleste G. – Recruiter

I joined Inovar in April, 2018. On the night before I started my first day, my 16 year old son was admitted to the hospital. He was transported by ambulance to McKay Dee and stayed in the hospital for 5 days. Because I didn’t have health insurance at the time, the ambulance ride and hospital stay ended up costing me close to $40,000 dollars.

When I learned about the Inovar Family Fund I was so excited to know that I worked for a company who truly cares about their employees, and I was hopeful that I could qualify for a grant to help me pay some of the unexpected medical expenses.

I wasn’t sure if I would qualify because I was a new team member, but after speaking with our HR Manager,  I learned that it didn’t matter how long I had been here. I was part of the Inovar family, and I could apply.

Within a week I received notification that I had not only qualified for the grant, I qualified for the maximum amount of $5,000!!! That money was paid directly to the hospital and ambulance company and saved me from being sent to collections!

As I sit here writing this now, tears of gratitude stream down my face. I am so grateful to all of the generous team members who contribute to this fund, and for our generous company who made this possible.

I would encourage all of you to donate, even if it is only $1 a pay check. You never know whose life you might bless!